Guest Lectures


We would love to speak to your class!


Topics we have presented about in the past include:

  • Behavior Genetics
  • Genetics of Substance Use Disorders
  • Causes of Alcohol Use and Problems
  • Adolescent and Young Adult/College Alcohol Use
  • Risky Behavior/Impulsivity
  • Understanding Adolescent/Young Adult Development
  • Collegiate Recovery (Students in Recovery)
  • Recovery Oriented Systems of Care
  • How Do We Recover from the Opioid Epidemic?
  • The Intersection of Substance Use and Social Justice
  • Working with Family Members of Substance Users
  • Social Determinants of Alcohol Use
  • Health Disparities
  • Neighborhood and Health
  • Longitudinal Analysis
  • Basic and Advanced Statistics
  • Romantic Relationships and Substance Use
  • Basic Genetics
  • Complex Trait Genetics
  • Drinking Motives
  • Internalizing Disorders
  • Parent-Child Relationships
  • Parental and Peer Influences on Adolescent/Young Adult Development
  • Undergraduate Research

If you are interested in a guest lecture, please fill out this Google Form and we will contact you shortly. Thanks!