Community Outreach

The EDGE Lab is committed to bringing research to the public.

Dr. Dick directs the translational research institute COBE, which partners with other university divisions and community groups to disseminate research. COBE helps present an annual Town Hall symposium "Research to Recovery" on substance use.

Examples of other ways EDGE lab members translate research:

DNA extraction demos for local schools

Substance use programming with local schools

We love talking to K-12 students! Members of our lab participate in the "Skype a Scientist program"

Discover Genetics Summer Camp through the Mary and Frances Youth Center Summer Program

Science Museum of Virginia Advisory Board

Metro Richmond STEM fair judge

Presentations at local STEM/STEAM fairs for K-12 students on topics such as research careers and behavioral + emotional health

Family Education Group and Recovery Support (

Talks to local churches and other community groups

We are always happy to partner with the community to find new ways to bring research to the public. If you are interested in having a member of the EDGE lab come speak to your group or work with you on programming please contact Dr. Dick (