VCU GREAT makes headlines

August 31, 2020

EDGE Lab program, VCU GREAT, made headlines this week for its efforts to offer hands on research opportunities to undergraduate students from groups historically underrepresented in research. 


Wondering what VCU GREAT is all about?

Virginia Commonwealth University Guided Research Experiences & Applied Training (VCU GREAT) is an innovative, 8 week summer research experience for 10 program fellows, consisting of a combination of structured training (Week 1) and individual mentorship (Weeks 2-8) under VCU faculty with expertise in substance use and behavioral health. It is designed to provide young researchers with foundational research skills, experiential learning, and responsible conduct of research training, as well as professional and career development opportunities. The GREAT program offers built-in individual advising and community-building so that GREAT students have the opportunity to continue with research after their summer experience and to expand upon their relationships with their scholarly network.


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