Megan Cooke


Ph.D Candidate, Psychiatric, Behavioral, and Statistical Genetics
(804) 828-1766

B.S. from Furman University, 2008


Selected Publications
Cooke M. E., Nasim, A., Cho, S. B., Kendler, K. S., Clark, S. L., & Dick, D. M. (2016, in press). Predicting tobacco use across the first year of college. American Journal of Health Behavior 

Cooke M. E., Meyers J., Latvala, A., Korhonen, T., Kaprio J., Rose, R. J. Salvatore J. E., & Dick, D. M. (2015). Gene-Environment interaction effects of peer deviance, parental knowledge, and stressful life events on adolescent alcohol use. Twin Research and Human Genetics, 18(5), 507-517. doi: 0.1017/thg.2015.56